Hot facts in Pooja Biography

Hot facts in Pooja Biography:

 Pooja’s fans in Srilanka have built a temple in Colombo for their dream girl Pooja. Her blackbuster movies “Anjalika” and “Asai Mang Piyabanna” helped her to win the hearts of millions, the temple is the result of such great fans. It is to be remebered that Kushboo was the only south indian actress who had a temple, now one more gorgeous is worshipped. But the sad news is that the temple was bombed and demolished by unknown miscreants. The fans were very sad about it. But Pooja wasnot sad about it because even before construction she appealed her fans not to build it.

 The gorgeous Pooja who started her career in Kollywood but has become the dream girl of innumerable fans in Srilanka. Its an amzing experience for the actress also. She did only few movies in Sinhalese language compared to the tamil movies. But the people have accepted this gorgeous babe as their next door girl. Her first Sinhalese debut movie “Angelika” was a superhit there and looted the box-office. Even her second movie “Asai Mang Piyabanna” made a record in box-office collection.
The tamil actress was part of Mani Ratnam’s stage show, Netru, Indru, Naalai (Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow).

 Pooja’s mother is from Sri Lanka and her father is from karnataka, she was brought up in Karnataka.

 The tamil actress speaks Tamil, Kannada and English.