Tamil actress Pooja quotes

Tamil actress Pooja quotes:

* “My dream partner would be extremely God fearing, caring, should love animals, kids and the list goes on and on…”

* “I knew they (fans) were building a temple because they had asked for my permission. But I told them not to go with the construction as it was insane to waste such efforts, time and money for an actor. We had a similar situation here where temple was built for Kushboo madam and it had to be bulldozed. I was not happy in the first place when the temple was built and am not sad for it coming down” [About building a temple for her]

* “Life is a gift given by God and I love it.”

* “My dream role would be that of village girl.”

* “My first day of shoot was my most unforgettable day”

* “I dislike disloyalty”

* “Love is the most wonderful feeling God has ever created.”